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  • Advances funds up to $25,000
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Sign up now for EZShield Check Fraud Protection® (or EZShield®), the easy and affordable way to safeguard your personal checks from fraud.

Now you can safeguard your personal finances in one easy, affordable step by signing up for EZShield®. EZShield® advances funds up to $25,000 for all checks purchased with this service. You'll enjoy peace of mind knowing that EZShield® is on your side and will help you if you fall victim to the following types of check fraud: Forged Signatures, Forged Endorsements and Altered Checks.

Definitions of Fraud

Forged Signatures
EZShield® applies to legitimate bank checks that are forged with your signature, as the payer, that results in a debit to your checking account.

Forged Endorsements
EZShield® applies to a legitimate check that is endorsed and cashed or deposited by someone other than the designated payee based upon a fraudulent and false endorsement. EZShield®, however, does not apply to a check that bears a legitimate original endorsement that is secondarily fraudulently endorsed.

Altered Checks
EZShield® applies to legitimate checks that contain altered information such as the payee name, check amount, or any other alteration that results in an unauthorized debit to your checking account.