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Instant Answers: EZShield Check Fraud Protection Program®

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Q: What is the EZShield Check Fraud Protection Program®?

A: The EZShield Check Fraud Protection Program® (EZShield® or "Program") is an affordable and easy way to safeguard your personal checks from fraud.

In the event of fraud, EZShield® advances funds within 72 hours, to a maximum of $25,000 for all checks, regardless of the number of checks for which the requests for advance of funds are presented and/or the number of requests made.

EZShield® applies to checks only and only to the checks purchased. It does not and will not apply to deposit tickets and checks not included in a pack of checks for which EZShield® was purchased, even if such checks were also purchased from your check printer. EZShield® only applies to checks actually utilized as checks for a specific transaction. To receive funds from EZShield® in the event of fraud, the fraud must be committed in the US and must be reported to law enforcement authorities as evidenced by a police report.

EZShield® is designed to advance funds for losses in the event of check fraud. With EZShield®, you will not need to seek any reimbursement from your bank/financial institution.

Check fraud continues to be on the rise in this country. With EZShield®, you'll enjoy peace of mind knowing you have help in the event you are a victim of these three major types of check fraud:

Forged Signatures. EZShield® applies to legitimate blank checks that are forged with your signature, as the payer, that results in a debit to your checking account.

Forged Endorsements. EZShield® applies to a legitimate check that is endorsed and cashed or deposited by someone other than the designated payee based upon a fraudulent and false endorsement. EZShield®, however, does not apply to a check that bears a legitimate original endorsement that is secondarily fraudulently endorsed.

Altered Checks. EZShield® applies to legitimate checks that contain altered information such as the payee identification, check amount, or that are otherwise altered to benefit the party altering the check.

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Q: How do I submit my case to EZShield®?

A: If you're the victim of check fraud, it's easy to submit your case to EZShield®. Simply call 1-866-460-0026 to request a package. All it takes is one phone call; there's no need to call your bank.

A case must be submitted within a reasonable timeframe not to exceed 30 days from the account holder's discovery of the fraud, receipt of a bank statement, or receipt of the returned instrument that reflects the fraud.

Once you've submitted your case, you will be sent a package that will require you to provide certain information and to complete one or more forms, including the following:

  1. Advancement Request Form

  2. Limited Durable Power of Attorney Form

  3. Other forms to document your loss

EZShield® will review the package completed by you and evaluate your request for advancement of funds and/or ask you for additional information. Once the request is processed, funds, in the form of a check, will be advanced within 3 days following receipt of the complete request package. EZShield® will determine the extent to which it will pursue your rights, which you will assign to EZShield®, against your bank/financial institution.

You agree as part of the terms and conditions to cooperate with EZShield® in providing supplemental documentation for not only the initial case but also to facilitate any effort by EZShield® to obtain reimbursement from your bank or other responsible parties, including providing supplemental documentation or appearing for witness testimony at EZShield's® request.

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Q: What are the limitations of EZShield®?

A: The maximum advancement of funds is $25,000 for all checks, regardless of the number of checks for which the requests for funds are presented and/or the number of requests made.

  • EZShield® will not advance funds for fraud perpetrated by any of the account holders.
  • EZShield® will not advance funds for fraud if an immediate family member of any of the account holders perpetrates it. Immediate family members shall include all spouses, parents, children, or grandchildren of the account holder.
  • EZShield® will not advance funds for fraud if any member of an account holder's household perpetrates it. Members of an account holder's household shall include any person living with the account holder on a full-time or a part-time basis, including all house guests, domestic employees and/or boarders living in the account holder's domicile.
  • EZShield® will not advance funds for fraud if it is perpetrated by an authorized signer or an employee responsible for accounts payable, payroll, or anyone else functioning within the accounting role. EZShield® will not advance funds for fraud if any authorized signer or member of the accounting staff is deemed to not have exercised due care in the safeguarding of the checks resulting in contributory negligence.
  • To receive funds from EZShield®, the check must be payable to an entity located in the United States or to a person living in the United States.
  • To receive funds from EZShield®, the fraud must occur within the United States.

Scope of Losses

Only losses listed above will be eligible for advancement of funds from EZShield®. The amount received by you shall not exceed the maximum amounts described above.

General Rules, Term, and Conditions

  1. EZShield® will utilize its database to maintain records of all check numbers for which you have purchased the program.

  2. You must purchase EZShield® for all packs of checks in a particular order. EZShield® may only be purchased at the time the original checks are purchased.

  3. The EZShield Fraud Protection Program® applies for the lifetime of the checks ordered, not to exceed two years.

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