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EZShield PRO® (Check Fraud Protection and Identity Restoration Pro)

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Q: What is EZShield PRO® (Check Fraud Protection and Identity Restoration Pro)?

A: EZShield PRO® includes two services: Check Fraud Protection and Identity Restoration Pro.

Check Fraud Protection offers up to $25,000 advancement in the event of forged signatures, forged endorsement, or alterations to your checks. Victims of check fraud will also receive check replacement at no cost to them in the event their checking account is closed as a result of the fraud.

Identity Restoration Pro offers a proactive approach to fraud and identity theft by providing education on scams and breaches, an online identity vault for the secure storage of personal information with anywhere access, a password manager, and access to a dedicated, certified fraud resolution specialist to assist in the event of fraud, lost wallet or identity theft.

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Q: How long does Identity Restoration Pro eligibility last?

A: Both Check Fraud Protection and Identity Restoration Pro are good for two years from the date of your check purchase.

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Q: Who is eligible for the Identity Restoration Pro service?

A: The primary account holder on the checking account.

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Q: If I only want Check Fraud Protection, do I have to have both?

A: Given the rise in identify fraud, we highly recommend this high-value, low-cost service. However, you do have the option to purchase Check Fraud Protection by itself.

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Q: Can I purchase Identity Restoration Pro and not Check Fraud Protection today?

A: Currently Identity Restoration is available only as part of a bundled offering — EZShield PRO® includes the two services in one.

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Q: How will I be notified if my service is going to expire?

A: There is no notification that the service is expiring, however the Identity Restoration Pro service will be extended an additional year each time you purchase checks from Bradford Exchange Checks®. Assuming you order checks once a year, the service will be automatically extended. The $10.00 fee for a year of services will be charged each time the service is extended.

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Q: What if I buy checks every 6 months?

A: Every time you purchase checks, the Identity Restoration Pro service is extended an additional year over whatever term of service you have remaining. So if you purchase checks 6 months from today, you'll get an additional year added, providing you two full years of the service (from today).

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Q: Does Identity Restoration Pro apply to identity theft events that occurred prior to the purchase of the service?

A: Only events that occur following your purchase of this service qualify for restoration assistance.

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Q: What should I do if I become a victim? How do I report the fraud?

A: Call toll free: 1-866-460-0026 to report the fraud directly to a Resolution Specialist. Or, visit the Web site ( to report online, and a Resolution Specialist will contact you.

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Q: What exactly do I get when I purchase EZShield PRO®?

A: EZShield PRO® provides you with:

  • Up to $25,000 advancement in the event of forged signatures, forged endorsements or alterations to your checks
  • Check Replacement in the event you close your account and need to order new checks
  • Access to Resolution Specialists in the even of lost wallet, fraud or an identity theft event
  • Online password manager
  • Education on breaches and scams in the news
  • Baseline fraud exposure report to identify if your information has been exposed online

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Q: How does EZShield differ from LifeLock® and other providers?

A: Most providers charge a monthly fee for fraud and identity protection/restoration services, whereas this service is provided at a low one-time cost, so you're getting a high-value service at a modest annual fee through Bradford Exchange Checks®. Additionally, Check Fraud Protection is a patented product available only through EZShield, so the $25,000 advancement is only available through your check order today.

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